OK, a brief background:  I was born in Indiana, I am the second of four children of Fred and Jacquie Winters, and I've lived a somewhat nomadic life.  My dad’s job took us around the country and world, and I continued the trend domestically after college.  That has all changed after I moved back to Indianapolis in 2003.


I got married to my wonderful wife, Heather, in January, 2007.  She is a very talented and dedicated project and people manager, working for an awesome and creative web design firm, called Imavex, in Noblesville, IN.  In "prior lives" she has also been very successful as a second grade teacher, a video production manager, a Director of Education at the Indianapolis Zoo, and self employed freelancer.  She is the most amazing woman and mother I know, and has been patient enough to endure marriage to me (at least so far...).


We recently purchased and moved into a new home in Carmel, IN, and are feverishly working to complete our (mostly) DIY kitchen remodeling project before the end of the year.  I think we've both been surprised by the results of our collaboration on the project, where we've been forced to find common ground between my more contemporary tastes and need for architectural order, and her affinity for shabby chic and the artwork of Mary Englebreit.  It would best be described as fresh, ecclectic and colorful, with a healthy nod to mid-century modern.  I'll try to get photos up in my portfolio when it's done.  Next up is the master bath...


Family is important to both of us, especially with the addition of our son, Charlie, in February 2013.   Nothing can express the indescribable and immeasurable joy he has introduced to our lives, except to say he constantly proves himself to be our personal angel and our little miracle.  Watching him grow up, learn, and flash that amazing grin has become our favorite spectator sport.


We are also especially fortunate to have both of my parents, and all three of my sisters and their families, all living in the suburbs north of Indianapolis.  Heather's sisters and their families are also reasonably close by, in Chicago, and we get together often.


Heather and I are also working on finding time for some of our old passions.  For me it has been fitness, golf, anything Colts related, and spending time with friends.  It can be difficult to find time for ourselves, with our priorities so significantly shifted, but we believe strongly in modeling healthy, active, and social behavior for our son, and we are deliberately attempting to reestablish time for those things.