I am a graduate of Ball State University’s College of Architecture and Planning, where I completed my studies in 1996.  After graduation, I worked for a couple of architectural offices in western Ohio before moving to western Illinois and starting my own computer rendering firm.


In early 2003, a series of life changes brought me back to Indianapolis and back to practicing traditional architecture.  My internship requirements had been met several years earlier, but I was finally able to focus on studying for and taking my architectural registration exams.  I earned my license in August of 2004.


Mike Fox of Paragon Companies sought me out in the fall of 2004.  Paragon was a well-regarded firm that offered development, commercial real estate, property management and construction services.  They brought me in to run their Design Services division.  I hadn’t worked for a contractor before, and felt it would be an outstanding experience.  It was.  Never before had I been pulled in so many directions, asked to accomplish so much in so little time, or challenged to think on my feet to that extent.


Unfortunately, 2008 brought a turn in the economy at a time when Paragon was overextended, and the company was forced to shut down their construction and design service divisions, so I was out pounding the pavement.


I landed in the offices of Perkins VonDeylen Architects, working as a consultant.  PVA was a great place, and the guys there are talented and hard working.  However, the economy continued to hamper our ability to stay as busy as we’d have wanted.  After three years of fighting through what I can only hope was the worst of it, PVA brought in a new partner and re-branded themselves as Blackline Studio.  At that point, given the still limited number of projects on our boards, I saw an opportunity for personal and professional growth, and made the decision to start my own firm.


In mid-October, 2011, “Peter Winters, Architect” opened doors as a sole proprietorship, with an initial focus on architectural renderings and tenant improvement work (I've completed in the neighborhood of 70 T.I. projects in the last 11 years).  Despite the initial focus, I am capable of handling a wide variety of project types and sizes.  Among other things, last year I had the chance to compete a very interesting church project called a Sikh Gurdwara, helping the congregation through a number of existing building and zoning issues, and working with them to provide an expanded and upgraded facility.  I've also enjoyed the opportunity to work on my first few residential projects, from a simple porch addition to a couple substantial addition/remodeling design jobs.  I enjoyed it so much I tackled my own DIY kitchen project at home!