Questions we’ll need to cover, to determine cost and timing:

  1. What info are you providing me (sketch, CAD files, other)?
  2. How do you want the image(s) to look (in the range of sketchy to photo-real)?
  3. How do you want to indicate materials (not at all, representative colors, accurately)?
  4. How many views do you want rendered, and what do you want to show?
  5. How do you want to “populate” the model (vehicles, people, furniture, trees, etc.)?
  6. Do you want solar or artificial lighting represented in your image(s)?
  7. Do you want any materials to have shine or reflectivity?
  8. How do you want to display the final image(s) (web or print)?
  9. What size?


That last question probably needs a little clarification.  What it amounts to is that rendering for use on the web would only require an image size of approximately 900 x 1200 pixels, at most.  Once you move into print, it gets more complicated based on the size of the printed image and how your audience will see it.


Obviously, printing a 4” x 6” card needs a much smaller image than a 4’-0” x 8’-0” sign.  Likewise, something you might hold in your hand to view would need to be printed at a higher resolution (200-300 pixels per inch) than something like a billboard that you are driving past, at a couple hundred feet away (where 72 pixels per inch is probably sufficient).  The largest image I’ve rendered was 10,800 x 14,400 pixels (6’-0” x 8’-0” at 150 pixels per inch).


My suggestion would be to determine the LARGEST you will want the image rendered.  Reducing an image doesn’t affect the quality, but trying to blow up a smaller image can look grainy and pixelated.



How you can expect my process to go:

  1. Build the model
  2. Add material definitions
  3. Set up “camera” angles      (REVIEW)
  4. Take steps to “populate” the model
  5. Add solar and artificial lighting      (REVIEW)
  6. Tweak materials, cameras, lighting, etc.
  7. Run test renderings      (REVIEW)
  8. Process final image(s)
  9. Outsource printing and/or framing if needed